Batch CBD Review: Authentic Brand Tried & Tested (2024)

By | Updated on April 22, 2024

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Wisconsin’s Batch CBD crafts small batches of full-spectrum CBD products in a variety of formulas and strengths. I tested its products for a few weeks, finding them effective and potent.


Batch is a transparent, top-tier CBD vendor with a product for everyone. The gummies and CBD oils I tested had noticeable effects and tasted great.


  • Hundreds of positive customer reviews
  • Innovative product variety
  • Full-spectrum CBD products
  • Everything is done in-house


  • Low minor cannabinoid levels (below 10%) in some products

Overall Rating: 4.4/5

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Products 4.5/5
Batch has great product variety, particularly with its high-potency offerings. All of the products I tried had noticeable effects and the gummies tasted great.
Price & Value 4/5
The prices are cheaper than average, plus you get free shipping and the option to subscribe for further savings.
Hemp Quality 4.5/5
Batch uses the Umpqua hemp strain grown by local Wisconsin farmers to make its products.
Third-Party Testing 4.5/5
Batch tests for both potency and contaminants and the test results are solid. But some tinctures have low minor cannabinoid levels and I’d like to see terpene testing.
Customer Service & Reputation 4.5/5
Batch is transparent about the people running the company and the production process. Coupled with its great customer reviews, this gives it a solid reputation.

Batch CBD Overview

Batch is a Wisconsin-based CBD brand. It started out in 2018 as Wisconsin Hemp Scientific, a hemp testing lab, before expanding into hemp manufacturing for other brands and finally its own brand: Batch CBD.

The company was founded by three lifelong friends from Milwaukee, WI: Dennis, Griff, and Andy. Batch’s approach is centered on transparency, authenticity, and effectiveness.

It lives up to these qualities by being open about its production process and team, as well as focusing on making small batches of full-spectrum CBD products. Batch is also vertically-integrated, which means everything is done under one roof.

CBD Glossary

  • Hemp: cannabis variety with high CBD and low THC levels (no more than 0.3%).
  • Terpenes: aromatic plant compounds with various beneficial properties (1).
  • Minor cannabinoids: CBN, CBG, CBC, and other beneficial cannabinoids found in smaller amounts in hemp. They may work in synergy with CBD.
  • Full-spectrum: whole-plant hemp extract containing multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. This form of CBD is about four times more potent than pure CBD (2).
  • Broad-spectrum: whole-plant hemp extract similar to full-spectrum CBD, but with THC removed (may contain trace amounts).
  • CBD isolate: pure CBD without any other hemp compounds.

Batch CBD Product Lineup

Batch sells full-spectrum CBD oils, gummies, capsules, and topicals in a variety of formulations and strengths. For my review, I tested the calm CBD tincture, Gold reserve tincture & gummies, regular CBD gummies, and CBD+CBN nighttime gummies.

batch cbd products received and tested
The Batch CBD products I received and tested for my honest review.

CBD Oils

You can choose from full-spectrum CBD oils infused with different blends of cannabinoids and terpenes for different goals, like sleep or relaxation. 

Original CBD Oil Tincture

batch original cbd oil tincture


CBD Potency17-100 mg/ml
Volume30 ml
Total CBD500-3000 mg
Cost per mg CBD$0.04–0.09
Third-Party TestView report

This naturally flavored full-spectrum CBD oil comes in 4 strengths. It’s infused with a blend of limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool terpenes. 

My only criticism is that the minor cannabinoid levels are low: third-party tests show about 6%. 

Special CBD Oil Tinctures

batch calm cbd oil


CBD Potency33-100 mg/ml
Volume30 ml
Total CBD1000-3000 mg
Cost per mg CBD$0.04–0.07
Third-Party TestView report

Batch also offers three special versions of its CBD oil. Each one is infused with a specific blend of terpenes:

  • The calm tincture contains terpenes that help you relax and deal with stress
  • The clarity formula is infused with terpenes that help you focus 
  • The dream tincture contains terpenes designed to help you sleep

These oils come in 2 strengths. Again, their minor cannabinoid levels are a tad low.

My experience: I took 1 dropper (100 mg) of the 3000 mg calm tincture before bed and felt relaxation within 30 minutes which helped me fall asleep.

Gold Reserve Blend

batch gold reserve cbd oil


CBD/CBG Potency200 mg/ml
Volume30 ml
Total CBD/CBG6000 mg
Cost per mg$0.03
Third-Party TestView report

The gold reserve blend is Batch’s high-potency CBD tincture. It combines 4000 mg of CBD with 2000 mg of CBG, giving it an incredibly high potency of 200 mg/ml.

My experience: I took 1 full dropper of this tincture before bed and slept noticeably deeper.


batch cbg oil tincture


CBD/CBG Potency67-133 mg/ml
Volume30 ml
Total CBD/CBG2000-4000 mg
Cost per mg$0.03-0.06
Third-Party TestView report

This full-spectrum tincture has a 1:1 ratio of CBD to cannabigerol (CBG): 500 or 1000 mg of each. CBG is a popular minor cannabinoid with similar benefits to CBD.

Pet CBD Tincture

batch pet cbd oil


CBD Potency25 mg/ml
Volume30 ml
Total CBD750 mg
Cost per mg CBD$0.09
Third-Party TestView report

Designed for dogs and cats, this tincture comes in bacon and salmon flavors. I like the pet-friendly potency but I’d like to see an additional strength version for large dogs. 

CBD Gummies

Batch has regular CBD gummies, nighttime gummies, and high-potency gummies.

CBD Gummies

batch cbd gummies


CBD Potency25 mg
Gummy Count30
Total CBD750 mg
Cost per mg CBD$0.07
Third-Party TestView report

These vegan gummies come in assorted blueberry, raspberry, and mango flavors. I like that these gummies are made with organic ingredients and full-spectrum (most are isolate, which is less effective). They also show high minor cannabinoid levels on third-party tests (18%), which is great. 

My experience: My friend Trinny took 2 gummies and said she felt relaxed an hour later. 

Nighttime CBD + CBN Gummies

batch nighttime cbn gummies


CBD/CBN Potency40 mg
Gummy Count30
Total CBD/CBN1200 mg
Cost per mg$0.05
Third-Party TestView report

Designed to help you sleep, these full-spectrum raspberry-flavored gummies combine 25 mg of CBD with 15 mg of cannabinol (CBN), the minor cannabinoid touted for its drowsy, relaxing effects. They also contain two more natural ingredients to promote sleep: passion flower extract and l-theanine. 

My experience: The gummies tasted amazing; I took 3 pieces before bed and felt sleepy after an hour and a half. I fell asleep faster than usual and woke up fewer times during the night. 

Gold Reserve Gummies

batch gold reserve gummies


CBD/CBG Potency75 mg
Gummy Count30
Total CBD/CBG2250 mg
Cost per mg$0.03
Third-Party TestView report

If you’re in need of high-potency gummies, this is it. These tangerine-flavored vegan sweets pack 50 mg of CBD and 25 mg of CBG.

My experience: My friend and I took one gummy in the evening and felt a relaxed, uplifted feeling after about an hour. I tried 2 gummies on other days and again felt relaxed for many hours. The gummies tasted delicious with a bit of a bitter aftertaste.

Recreation THC Gummies

batch recreation thc gummies


THC/CBD Potency30 mg
Gummy Count30
Total CBD/THC900 mg
Cost per mg CBD$0.07
Third-Party TestView report

These vegan blueberry-flavored gummies combine 25 mg of CBD with 5 mg of delta-9 THC. They can cause psychoactive effects and are ideal for relaxing.

Brain Boost Mushroom Gummies


CBD PotencyN/A
Gummy Count30
Total CBDN/A
Cost per mg CBDN/A
Third-Party TestN/A

The first non-CBD product offered by Batch, these gummies carry a blend of mushrooms designed to boost your memory, focus, and overall brain function. The ingredients include concentrated extracts of lion’s mane mushroom, cordyceps mushroom, and reishi mushroom.

CBD Softgels

batch cbd softgels


CBD/CBG Potency25 mg
Capsule Count60
Total CBD/CBG1200 mg
Cost per mg$0.06
Third-Party TestView report

These are your standard tried-and-true full-spectrum CBD softgels. The softgels are made of gelatin (not suitable for vegans) and pack a blend of terpenes similar to Batch’s CBD oil. They contain about 5% minor cannabinoids, which is a little low. 

CBD Topicals

CBD Balm

batch fire and ice balm


CBD Potency25 mg
Gummy Count30
Total CBD750 mg
Cost per mg CBD$0.07
Third-Party TestView report

Batch’s full-spectrum CBD Balm contains 1250 mg of CBD and comes in two formulations:

  • Original, with lavender and tea tree oil
  • Fire & Ice, with menthol and camphor for greater relief

My experience: I applied the ice & fire balm to my sore knee; it started working within minutes and I felt a mix of cooling and warming relief for over three hours. This was the strongest CBD topical I’ve ever tried. My friend also said it helped her hip pain.

CBD Cream

batch cbd cream


CBD Potency25 mg/ml
Volume60 ml (2 fl oz)
Total CBD1500 mg
Cost per mg CBD$0.04
Third-Party TestView report

This high-potency cream contains peppermint, lavender oil, aloe vera, and more.

My experience: The cream smells and feels great with a velvety texture. It works well as a moisturizer.

Price & Value

The easiest way to compare the value of CBD products is to divide the total cost by the amount of CBD. For example, if you have a 1500 mg CBD oil that costs $100, its price per milligram (mg) of CBD would be 100/1500 = $0.07. 

You also have to consider that the prices vary by product type. Here’s a look at the prices of Batch CBD products:

  • CBD oil: $0.03-0.09 per mg of CBD
  • Capsules: $0.06 per mg
  • Gummies: $0.03-0.07 per mg
  • Topicals: $0.07 per mg
  • Pet CBD oil: $0.09 per mg

These prices are mostly cheaper than the market average. Batch CBD also has a 25% discount if you subscribe to monthly deliveries and free shipping over $25. All in all, the brand offers good value for your money.

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Hemp Source and Production Process

Batch is quite transparent about its process. The company does everything in-house. First, it grows a strain of hemp called Umpqua in partnership with local farmers in Nielsville, Wisconsin.

The hemp is then extracted with cold ethanol, one of the two most popular CBD extraction methods. One of the weaknesses of this type of extraction is that many terpenes are lost when the ethanol is evaporated. I suspect that’s why Batch adds a blend of terpenes to most of its products. 

The extracts are then internally tested for potency and used to formulate various Batch products.

Third-Party Testing

Batch sends its products to be tested for potency (levels of CBD and other cannabinoids) at Arizona’s Desert Valley Labs. Meanwhile, the contaminant testing is done at Kaycha Labs, a reputable cannabis & hemp testing company that operates labs in several states. 

Third-Party Test Results

I always look at third-party lab test results to confirm that CBD companies sell safe and accurate products. I check:

  • The levels of CBD, which should be within 10% of the label (3)
  • The levels of minor cannabinoids like CBG and CBC
  • The levels of THC
  • The levels of terpenes (if tested)
  • Whether the CBD type (full, broad-spectrum, or isolate) is accurate
  • Whether there are any contaminants

I added the third-party certificates of analysis (CoAs) above for three products:

  • The 3000 mg original CBD oil, showing multiple cannabinoids and 3034 mg of CBD, which is only 1% higher
  • The 4000 mg CBD/2000 mg CBN Gold Reserve oil, showing multiple cannabinoids and 4039 CBN/2011 mg CBG, a difference of less than 1% from the label
  • The nighttime gummies, showing multiple cannabinoids 26.7 mg of CBD and 15.1 mg of CBN, which is only 7% and 0.6% higher than the label

These are all excellent results that are also up to date (only a few months old). 

But there are areas for improvement. For one, most CBD oils contain relatively low levels of minor cannabinoids. Also, it would be nice to see terpene potency test results to confirm that the oils and capsules contain the advertised terpene blends.

Shipping & Returns

Batch CBD has free shipping for orders over $25, which pretty much means free shipping on all orders. The company ships throughout the U.S. The company accepts refunds and exchanges for unopened products sent back within 30 days of purchase. 

Customer Service & Reputation

Batch has hundreds of positive customer reviews on its website. I also like how open the company is about its team and production process. Transparency is perhaps the most important factor when looking for high-quality CBD products. 

The Verdict: Transparent Brand With Quality Products

Batch CBD is top-tier CBD brand. It’s vertically integrated, so everything is done in-house to ensure quality control. All of the products are full-spectrum, making them more effective, and I like the variety of formulas for different uses.

The company also feels legitimate and authentic with details about its production, team, and third-party testing.

Another small thing I like about Batch is the design — the company dares to try something different. For example, the CBD oil bottles have a unique shape and come in premium-looking packaging that opens on the front instead of the top.

My only major criticism is the relatively low (<10%) levels of minor cannabinoids in some products. More minor cannabinoid is preferable because you get greater effects.

Overall Rating: 4.4/5

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