Systematic Review Finds That CBD May Relieve Dog Arthritis Pain

By | Updated on September 19, 2023

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A new paper from researchers out of the University of Montreal, Quebec, Canada suggests that CBD may help relieve canine osteoarthritis (OA) pain.

The researchers examined the findings of dozens of studies, finding that omega-3-enriched diets and omega-3 supplements were effective for relieving OA pain in dogs and cats, with promising findings for CBD and collagen.

In North America and the UK, OA is estimated to affect some 20% of dogs over the age of one, making it one of the most common and frustrating conditions for pet owners.

The Study Design

The researchers conducted what’s called a systematic review: summarizing the findings of dozens of studies to see the overall picture. They looked at the results of 72 trials that studied the effectiveness of various supplements and foods for relieving osteoarthritis (OA) pain in dogs and cats.

That included seven trials (done in 2018-2021) that used CBD in dogs suffering from osteoarthritis. All of the trials showed improvements in OA pain.

The researchers concluded that the findings of their review are promising but that further studies are needed to examine the ffectiveness, doses, and formulations to best treat OA pain in dogs. Unfortunately, there weren’t any studies of CBD in cats with OA.

Aside from CBD, the researchers also found that omega-3-enriched diets and omega-3 supplements were effective for relieving OA pain in dogs and cats, and that collagen had promising effects but needed further research.

Good News For Pet Owners Considering CBD

The review suggests that CBD may significantly reduce the pain caused by osteoarthritis in dogs, but more research is required. If CBD works well in canines, then it could also be helpful for cats.

CBD is widely available in many different pet-oriented products, including oils, chews, and topicals, and these products are growing in popularity.

Considering how cautious researchers and veterinarians have been about recommending CBD for pets, this study does a great job of highlighting its benefits and paving the way for further research and mainstream acceptance of CBD.

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