About CBDThinker

CBDThinker is your research-backed resource for information about cannabidiol (CBD).

You’ll find educational articles, product and company reviews, answers to common questions about CBD, and much more. Our goal is to:

  • Provide educational resources about the potential health benefits of CBD
  • Counteract the misinformation of the CBD industry
  • Help people make educated decisions when buying and using CBD products

Any information that has an impact on your health deserves the utmost scrutiny. That’s why all of the content on this site is based on published scientific studies, thorough research, and personal experiences with CBD. We take the research and science behind CBD and break it down into simple, easy-to-understand language.

We hope this website helps your journey of using CBD to better your health. If you have any questions related to CBD, feel free to send us a message. Our website is completely free, although we may earn money if you buy products through our affiliate links.

Gleb Oleinik, Chief Editor

Gleb is the founder and chief editor for CBDThinker. He’s a full-time freelance writer from Vancouver, Canada who specializes in CBD, hemp, and medical cannabis.

Gleb has read hundreds of research studies about cannabidiol and other supplements, tried dozens of CBD products and brands, and knows the CBD industry inside and out.

He’s familiar with what it takes to make high-quality CBD and has written third-party reports about the quality of CBD products.

He works with CBD companies, cannabis websites and magazines, and review websites.

Gleb first tried CBD oil in 2017 and was immediately impressed by its calming effects. He created CBDThinker to share everything he’s learned since about this beneficial natural compound.

His goal is to educate people about what CBD can (and can’t) do and help them choose the right, high-quality product that best suits their needs.

Gleb Oleinik, Freelance CBD Writer & Journalist