How We Earn Money

CBDThinker is a free, reader-supported website. We include affiliate links to CBD products and brands that we review, which means we may earn a small commission if you buy products through the links.

These CBD brands don’t pay us to promote them, so our reviews are always 100% unbiased. We never recommend products that we don’t believe in just because we stand to gain money.

Whereas some other review sites might recommend brands that give the highest commissions, we only judge CBD companies and products by their quality and effectiveness. In fact, you can find plenty of negative reviews on our site. We’re CBD users just like you, looking for the best products at an affordable price.

Above all, our goal is to provide honest, transparent information about CBD and the industry to help you make an educated choice. That’s why some of the companies and products we review don’t even have affiliate programs.

Rest assured that we thoroughly research and whenever possible use the CBD products that we review.

Some of the CBD products we’ve used over the years (guess which brand is our favorite).