Product Review Process

Finding high-quality CBD products that are right for your specific needs isn’t easy. With hundreds of brands and thousands of products, you have to know what to look for to avoid subpar, expensive, and even potentially harmful products.

That’s where CBDthinker can help. Our team has used hundreds of CBD products from dozens of American, Canadian, and European brands, and we know what it takes to make high-quality CBD.

When we recommend CBD products (be it CBD oils, cheap CBD gummies, or anything else), we research and compare dozens of options, narrow them down to about 10 products, and personally try them out to find the best ones.

We like to break down our recommendations into helpful categories, like the strongest product, the most affordable one, the best THC-free one, and more, to help everyone find the right option.

Here are the main criteria we consider when choosing and testing CBD products:

  • Effects (to recommend products that provide greater benefits)
  • Third-party test results (to verify the CBD content & extract type, lack of contaminants, and compare minor cannabinoid & terpene levels)
  • Type of CBD (to get the best results and offer THC-free options)
  • Product potency (to avoid low-strength products that are unlikely to help many people)
  • Formula (for specific benefits, e.g. products for sleep with added CBN or melatonin)
  • Hemp source (to ensure the plants used to extract the CBD are of high quality)
  • Company reputation (to verify the company can be trusted)
  • Flavor (We make sure to offer options for people who don’t like the taste of full-spectrum CBD oil and compare the taste of CBD gummies and other edibles)
  • Price (to help you save money)

Using these criteria, we give each product an unbiased rating out of 5.

Company Review Process

When we review CBD brands, we either buy their products or ask for samples to try out. You can tell which products we personally tried by the original photos and the “my experience” section added underneath, which explains how we used the product and what effects it had.

After testing the products and looking at the third-party test results and other information provided by the company, we give each brand an unbiased score out of 5 in five separate areas:

  • Products: How effective are the company’s products? Are there multiple categories (oils, capsules, topicals, gummies, etc.) with different strengths, formulas, and flavors to meet everyone’s needs?
  • Price & Value: We compare the company’s product prices ($ per mg of CBD) with what’s considered average for the industry. We also consider free shipping deals, assistance & subscription programs, and other ways to save.
  • Hemp Quality: How and where is the company’s hemp grown? Is it certified organic? Does the company do everything in-house?
  • Third-Party Testing: Does the company send its products for independent potency and contaminant testing and provide up-to-date test results on its website? Do the test results match the advertised levels of CBD and other cannabinoids? Do the test reports show good levels of minor cannabinoids and potentially terpenes?
  • Customer Service & Reputation: Does the company have positive customer reviews? What’s its overall reputation in the industry? Did it reply to our emails and give a helpful answer?

We list the score with a short explanation in every CBD brand review so you know exactly how we calculated it. The combined ratings are divided by 5 to arrive at the company’s overall rating.