Honest JustCBD Review: Tried & Tested (2024)

By | Updated on January 9, 2024

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JustCBD is one of the cheapest CBD brands you’ll find. Unfortunately, that price comes at the cost of quality, as most products are made with cheaper ingredients and contain pure CBD rather than the more effective full-spectrum hemp extract. I tried out the full-spectrum CBD oil, gummies, and vape cartridge, which had some relaxing effects but were weaker than most brands I’ve tested.


Although its low prices look attractive, JustCBD is lacking in quality. The CBD products I tested weren’t that effective.


  • Over 60,000 positive customer reviews
  • Exceptionally low prices
  • Wide product selection, including vapes
  • Huge variety of gummies


  • Faced two class-action lawsuits
  • Ingredients list missing for many products
  • Third-party tests missing for some products

Overall Rating: 3.8/5

Products 3.5/5
JustCBD has an impressive assortment of products, flavors, and strengths but the ones I tested weren’t the most potent.
Price & Value 4/5
Although the prices are among the lowest in the CBD industry, the quality doesn’t quite match up. But you’re still getting above-average value.
Hemp Quality 4/5
JustCBD’s suppliers use decent quality hemp — most products are made from USDA-certified hemp cultivated in Oregon. But I prefer brands that grow their own hemp.
Third-Party Testing 3.5/5
Most products come with potency & purity test reports. But some are missing contaminant testing or have no test results at all.
Customer Service & Reputation 4/5
With over 60,000 mostly positive customer reviews, JustCBD is one of the best-reviewed brands I’ve seen. But it’s also faced two class-action lawsuits and there are some negative reviews from real customers.

JustCBD Overview

JustCBD is a popular CBD vendor founded in 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida by entrepreneur Hussein Rakine. It has some of the lowest prices on the market, with some products costing as little as 1-2 cents per milligram of CBD. 

Rather than making its own products, JustCBD works with two independent suppliers — GVB Biopharma and Chemco Corporation — which grow hemp, extract it, and use it to make CBD products.

JustCBD is best known for its cheap CBD gummies in a wide assortment of flavors and forms but also sells vapes and other products. The products are third-party tested by reputable labs. 

CBD Glossary

  • Hemp: cannabis variety with high CBD and low THC levels (no more than 0.3%).
  • Terpenes: aromatic plant compounds with various beneficial properties (1).
  • Minor cannabinoids: CBN, CBG, CBC, and other beneficial cannabinoids found in smaller amounts in hemp. They may work in synergy with CBD.
  • Full-spectrum: whole-plant hemp extract containing multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. This form of CBD is about four times more potent than pure CBD (2).
  • Broad-spectrum: whole-plant hemp extract similar to full-spectrum CBD, but with THC removed (may contain trace amounts).
  • CBD isolate: pure CBD without any other hemp compounds.

JustCBD Product Lineup

JustCBD sells a wide array of CBD products, including oils, gummies, topicals, vapes, and pet products. Most are made with pure CBD, although there are also some broad-spectrum and full-spectrum options. 

JustCBD products I received and tested.

For this review, I tried out the pure CBD gummy bears, 1500 mg full-spectrum CBD oil, and sour diesel CBD vape cartridge with JustCBD’s 510-thread battery. 

CBD Tinctures


CBD Potency8-83 mg/ml
Volume30-60 ml 
Total CBD250-5000 mg
Cost per mg CBD$0.02–0.10
TypeFull-spectrum, isolate
Third-Party TestView report

JustCBD’s tinctures come in three varieties:

  • Pure CBD oil
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Nighttime full-spectrum CBD oil with added melatonin

Both the full-spectrum oils are very low in minor cannabinoids (~2.6-3%), which is a poor result. You want a full-spectrum CBD tincture to have at least 10% minor cannabinoids for greater effectiveness. 

My experience: I tested out the 1500 mg full-spectrum CBD oil, taking a full dropper during the day. It had a natural taste of hempy coconut oil. I did feel some relaxing effects 30 minutes later but they weren’t particularly strong.

CBD Gummies


CBD Potency10-50 mg
Gummy Count30
Total CBD250-3000 mg
Cost per mg CBD$0.02-0.07
Third-Party TestView report

JustCBD is perhaps best known for its huge assortment of cheap CBD gummies, available as bears & sour bears, apple rings, happy faces, worms & sour worms, rainbow ribbons, peach rings, cherries, raspberry rings, watermelon rings, sour cherries, sugar-free worms, and even melatonin-infused gummy bears for sleep. 

Each gummy has a different strength but comes in the same five strength options: 250, 500, 750, 1000, and 3000 mg. They’re made with gelatin and contain some artificial flavoring. 

There are also two types of multi-cannabinoid gummies:

  • CBD Plus, a blend of pure CBD, CBG, CBN, and intoxicating HHC
  • CBD plus THC gummies in three strengths/flavors: sour gummies, watermelon slices, and sour cola bottles

My experience: I tried the regular CBD gummy bears which tasted great just like regular ones. I started feeling chill and relaxed after about 50 minutes but the effects weren’t super strong (which makes sense as they contain pure CBD). I ended up eating the whole 1000 mg jar in a few hours because the gummies were tasty, feeling a bit sleepy with a dry mouth from the large dose.

Delta-8 Gummies


Potency25 mg
Gummy Count40
Total Delta-81000 mg
Cost per mg$0.05
Third-Party TestN/A

JustCBD also sells delta-8 THC gummies and has a whole sister brand dedicated to intoxicating hemp products. These gummies come in peach and watermelon flavors but I couldn’t find any third-party test reports. They’re made with gelatin and also contain natural and artificial flavoring.

CBD Capsules


CBD Potency25 mg
Capsule Count30
Total CBD750 mg
Cost per mg CBD$0.03
Third-Party TestN/A

JustCBD’s capsules are quite straightforward, containing full-spectrum CBD oil inside a gelatin capsule. You can choose from regular and melatonin-infused varieties. I’d like to see third-party reports posted.

CBD Topicals


CBD Potency2-17 mg/ml
Volume2-8 oz
Total CBD100-1500 mg
Cost per mg CBD$0.02-0.10
TypeIsolate, full-spectrum
Third-Party TestView report

JustCBD offers a wide range of topical products, including:

  • CBD relief cream 
  • Heat and freeze CBD roll-ons with menthol and other topical pain relievers
  • CBD gel
  • Ultra relief gel
  • Full-spectrum CBD relief gel with menthol and camphor
  • Body lotion in aloe vera and lavender scents
  • Massage oil 
  • CBD bath bombs with 150 mg CBD in five scents: citrus, eucalyptus, lavender, rose, and sweet cherry

All in all, I like the variety but JustCBD needs to clearly state the ingredients for each product and provide third-party test results, which are missing for most topicals.

CBD Vape Products

JustCBD sells CBD, delta-8 THC, HHC, and THC-O vape cartridges, as well as a compatible battery kit. Alongside CBDfx, JustCBD is your best choice for quality CBD vape products. 

CBD Vape Oil Juice


Potency8-50 mg/ml
Volume60 ml
Total cannabinoids500-3000 mg
Cost per mg$0.01-0.03
Third-Party TestView report

This simple CBD isolate vape juice contains vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), and flavoring. It’s available in eight flavors inspired by cannabis strains: blue dream, blue razz, cookies, mango ice, OG watermelon, pina colada, pineapple express, and strawberry cheesecake. 

CBD Vape Cartridges

justcbd vape cartridge


CBD Potency~95% (~89% CBD)
Volume1 ml
Total Cannabinoids~950 mg
Cost per mg$0.02
Third-Party TestsView report

JustCBD’s vape carts provide roughly 950 mg of cannabinoids in three cannabis-inspired flavors: northern lights, pineapple express, and sour diesel. They have a wooden tip which is kinda neat.

JustCBD also sells a simple $10 510-thread vape battery with a USB charger that goes along with the cartridges.

My experience: I tested out the sour diesel vape with the JustCBD battery, which had an earthy, hempy flavor. I coughed a bit at the start (I don’t vape that much) but it went away. As for the effects, I felt calm, relaxed, and uplifted, although it did take more puffs than other carts I’ve used. This is one of the best cheap CBD carts you can buy.

CBD Disposable Vape Pens


CBD Potency~500 mg/ml
Volume2 ml
Total Cannabinoids~1000 mg
Cost per mg$0.03
Third-Party TestsView report

These disposable CBD vape pens come in the same formula and flavors as the vape cartridges but with a bigger volume: 2 ml instead of one. 

CBD for Pets 

CBD Oil for Cats & Dogs


CBD Potency16.7 mg/ml
Volume30-60 ml 
Total CBD100-500 mg
Cost per mg CBD$0.10–0.18
Third-Party TestView report

JustCBD sells CBD oil for cats and dogs in three strengths. The cat one comes in salmon and tuna flavors, while the canine tincture is available in bacon, chicken, and beef. I like the flavors but the dog tinctures need to have higher strengths than the cat ones since dogs are larger.

JustPets Treats for Cats & Dogs


CBD Potency0.3-11 mg
Treat Count9-300
Total CBD100 mg
Cost per mg CBD$0.20
Third-Party TestView report

The dog treats come in steak bite, cheese wrap, bacon & cheese strip, and beef wrap varieties, while the cat treats are flavored with chicken or a mix of chicken, liver, turkey, and fish. The cat treats are significantly weaker (about 0.3 mg CBD per treat).

Price & Value

Here’s a breakdown of JustCBD’s prices:

  • CBD oil: 2 to 10 cents per mg of CBD
  • Gummies: 2 to 7 cents per mg
  • Capsules: 3 cents per mg
  • Topicals: 2 to 10 cents per mg
  • Vapes: 1 to 3 cents per mg
  • Pet products: 10 to 20 cents per mg

That’s much cheaper than the average price for each CBD product category, so you do end up saving quite a lot. Some products also come with a subscription option for 30% off and free shipping, and you can also get free shipping by spending over $50.

Having said that, JustCBD doesn’t have the highest quality. Most products contain pure CBD, which is less effective than broad and full-spectrum extracts, and use cheaper ingredients, such as gelatin for gummies and artificial flavoring. 

All in all, the value is still decent but you do get what you pay for. 

Hemp Source and Production Process

JustCBD’s consumable products like oils and gummies are made by GVB Biopharma using USDA-certified organic hemp grown in Oregon. That hemp is extracted with both CO2 (carbon dioxide) and ethanol, the two most popular methods of CBD extraction.

Meanwhile, JustCBD’s topical CBD products are made from Wisconsin-grown hemp by Chemco Corporation, another supplier that specializes in topicals. 

While I prefer companies that are vertically integrated (grow, extract, and make their own products), these suppliers look legitimate and it’s nice to see JustCBD being honest about its process.

Third-Party Testing

Most of JustCBD’s third-party testing is done by Kaycha Labs, with some tests also coming from ACS Laboratory and a few older tests from Green Scientific Labs. These are all reputable, independent hemp & cannabis testing labs.

The tests look at product potency and check for contaminants and you can find the latest certificate of analysis (CoA) documents on the lab reports page

Third-Party Test Results

I always look at third-party lab test results to confirm that CBD companies sell safe, accurate, and effective products. Specifically, I check for:

  • CBD content, which should be within 10% of the label (3)
  • The levels of THC and minor cannabinoids like CBG and CBN
  • Terpene content (if tested)
  • Whether the CBD type (full, broad-spectrum, or isolate) is accurate
  • Whether there are any contaminants

There are some issues with JustCBD’s third-party testing. Some products (especially the topicals) are missing CoAs and a few are missing contaminant tests, while a few others have poor test results and some are older than a year.

To give you a sense of what you’re getting from JustCBD, I added two CoA screenshots with my comments:

  • The 1500 mg full-spectrum CBD oil CoA shows 1529 mg of CBD, which is highly accurate (2% more) but only 3% minor cannabinoids, which is a weak result. I prefer full-spectrum products to have at least 10%.
  • The 1500 mg cookies vape juice CoA shows 1476.4 mg, which again is quite accurate (1.5% less). But there aren’t any contaminant tests. 

In summary, JustCBD needs to do a better job with third-party testing, starting with providing complete test results for all products. 

Shipping & Returns

JustCBD offers free US shipping on orders over $50. If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund. There’s also a UK website for British customers. 

Customer Service & Reputation

JustCBD has over 60,000 mostly positive customer reviews, which is the most I’ve seen from any CBD brand. It also holds an average 4.5/5 stars rating with over 250 customer reviews on Trustpilot, an independent review platform, which is also great to see.

But it’s not all rosy; JustCBD had a class-action lawsuit filed against it in 2020 for allegedly overstating the level of CBD in its products. A judge dismissed the lawsuit in 2021 but that’s still not a great look. There was also an earlier class-action lawsuit in 2019, this time for alleged false advertising that the gummies contain no THC.

I also found some negative reviews on Reddit, some of which discussed customer service issues while others said the products weren’t very effective.

Recent negative reviews posted on the social sharing site Reddit.

My Verdict: You Get What You Pay For

If you’re looking to buy CBD on a budget, JustCBD looks like an attractive option. But the quality isn’t the greatest so you’re likely to experience weak effects from its products. 

JustCBD also has some issues with incomplete third-party testing and even though it has tons of positive reviews, the class-action lawsuits and negative reviews written by real customers on Reddit aren’t a good look. JustCBD’s website also needs some work, as many products are missing ingredient lists and have broken third-party test links.

Overall, JustCBD is an ok option if you want to save money. But if you don’t mind paying a bit more, I’d recommend going with Lazarus Naturals instead, which is arguably the best affordable CBD brand.

Overall Rating: 3.8/5

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