CBD Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts & Christmas Sales (2023)

By | Updated on March 7, 2024

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CBD products are a great holiday gift because they can help with occasional stress, anxiety, and aches — daily issues we all deal with. CBD is versatile enough to offer something to everyone, whether it’s athletes, busy professionals, students, or stay-at-home parents.

Holiday CBD deals for 2023 are now over. Stay tuned for next year!

24 Best CBD Holiday Gifts

I broke down my 2023 CBD gift recommendations into 12 categories, each with two options. This way, you can find the right fit for whoever you’re gifting to.

  1. Most Versatile: R&R CBD Capsules / Gummies | Skip to review
  2. For Beginners: Charlotte’s Web Gummies / Joy Organics Softgels | Skip to review
  3. For Fitness Enthusiasts: Charlotte’s Web Gummies / Batch CBD Balm | Skip to review
  4. For Sleep: CBDistillery CBN Oil / Receptra Rest Gummies | Skip to review
  5. For Older Relatives: Charlotte’s Web Ointment / Receptra Relief Tincture | Skip to review
  6. For a Partner: Lazarus Naturals Massage Oil / CBDfx Bath Bombs | Skip to review
  7. For Pets: Lazarus Naturals Pet Tincture / Dog Treats | Skip to review
  8. For a Sweet Tooth: Lazarus Naturals Chocolate / Joy Organics Gummies | Skip to review
  9. Stocking Stuffers: Lazarus Naturals Relax Capsules / Muscle Gel | Skip to review
  10. For Coffee Lovers: Lazarus Naturals CBD Oil / Green Roads CBD Coffee | Skip to review
  11. For CBD Connoisseurs: Upstate Elevator CBG Oil / Endoca Raw CBD Oil | Skip to review
  12. For Skincare: Batch CBD Cream / CBDfx CBD Face Mask | Skip to review

Want to save big on CBD gifts? Shop during Black Friday & Cyber Monday CBD sales.

CBD Glossary

  • Hemp: cannabis variety with high CBD and low THC levels (no more than 0.3%).
  • Terpenes: aromatic plant compounds with various beneficial properties (1).
  • Minor cannabinoids: CBN, CBG, CBC, and other beneficial cannabinoids found in smaller amounts in hemp. They may work in synergy with CBD.
  • Full-spectrum: whole-plant hemp extract containing multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. This form of CBD is about four times more potent than pure CBD (2).
  • Broad-spectrum: whole-plant hemp extract similar to full-spectrum CBD, but with THC removed (may contain trace amounts).
  • CBD isolate: pure CBD without any other hemp compounds.

Most Versatile

Don’t know what the person wants? Maybe you’re playing Secret Santa? Or just looking for a reliable, high-quality CBD gift? Here are two versatile products that will work well for virtually anyone.

R&R CBD Capsules

r&r full-spectrum cbd softgels


CBD Potency15-30 mg
Capsule Count34
Total CBD510-1020 mg
Cost per mg CBD$0.05-0.06
TypeFull & broad-spectrum
Third-Party TestView report

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CBD capsules are a great pick because they’re easy to use, discreet, and don’t have any flavor or smell. These softgels come in full-spectrum and THC-free varieties.

R&R CBD Gummies

r&r cbd gummies


CBD Potency25-30 mg
Gummy Count30
Total CBD750-900 mg
Cost per mg$0.05-0.06
TypeBroad & full-spectrum
Third-Party TestView report

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These delicious gummies come in assorted palisade peach, alpine strawberry, and granny smith apple flavors. They’re made with vegan, organic ingredients and no artificial additives. Like the capsules, they’re available in full-spectrum and THC-free versions. 

For Beginners

Looking to introduce someone to CBD? Gummies and capsules are a great choice because they’re familiar, easy to take, and don’t have a strong flavor or smell that some people might dislike. 

It’s also a good idea to go with broad-spectrum CBD products, which are free of THC but still contain other beneficial cannabinoids. Some people can’t ingest THC because of their job or are highly sensitive to it.

Charlotte’s Web THC-Free CBD Gummies

charlotte's web thc-free cbd gummies


Potency7.5-12.5 mg
Gummy Count60
Total cannabinoids450-900 mg
Cost per mg$0.09-0.10
Third-Party TestView report

These broad-spectrum gummies are ideal for beginners because they contain 7.5-12.5 mg of CBD, which is a relatively low dose. They’re made with vegan and mostly organic ingredients without any artificial flavors.

Joy Organics Broad-Spectrum CBD Softgels

joy organics curcumin cbd softgels


Potency10-25 mg
Capsule Count30
Total CBD300-750 mg
Cost per mg$0.09-0.13
Third-Party TestView report

These vegan softgels are free of THC and available in a 10 mg strength that’s great for new CBD users. Simple and easy to use.

For Fitness Enthusiasts

CBD is growing increasingly popular in the athletic world to help with recovery and inflammation. Whether your friend is just a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, here are some recommendations to help them stay active and feel their best.

Charlotte’s Web Recovery Gummies

Charlotte's Web recovery cbd gummies


Potency5 mg
Gummy Count30-90
Total cannabinoids840 mg
Cost per mg$0.13-0.20
Third-Party TestView report

These gummies are formulated to help with exercise-induced inflammation. That’s why they contain CBD alongside turmeric and ginger root extract — two natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. I took a few gummies regularly after my workouts to help me relax and recover.

Batch Fire & Ice CBD Balm

batch fire and ice balm


CBD Potency25 mg
Gummy Count30
Total CBD750 mg
Cost per mg CBD$0.07
Third-Party TestView report

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This balm stick combines full-spectrum CBD with menthol and camphor, two popular topical pain relievers that provide cooling and warming relief. It’s also easy to take with you on the go. 

It’s one of the strongest topical CBD products I’ve tried and worked great for relieving exercise-related aches and inflammation.

For Sleep

Good sleep is one of the greatest gifts you can give. Here are two CBD products to help your loved ones get a better night’s rest.

CBDistillery CBN Oil

cbdistillery sleep synergy tincture


CBD/CBN Potency20-40 mg/ml
Volume30 ml
Total CBD/CBN600-1200 mg
Cost per mg$0.08-0.10
Third-Party TestsView report

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This CBD oil contains a large amount of cannabinol (CBN), the cannabinoid touted for its sleep benefits. It helped me fall and stay asleep when taken close to bedtime.

Receptra Serious Rest Gummies

receptra serious rest gummies


CBD/CBN Potency28 mg
Gummy Count30
Total CBD/CBN840 mg
Cost per mg$0.07
Third-Party TestsView report

These delicious strawberry-flavored gummies have a full-spectrum formula enriched with CBN for better sleep. A great pick for people who prefer taking supplements in the tasty form of gummies.

For Older Relatives

The gift of good health is the best thing you can give, especially for older parents, grandparents, and other relatives. As it happens, CBD has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that can help with aches and stiffness (3). 

Charlotte’s Web Arthritis Ointment

charlotte's web arthritis ointment


CBD Potency12.5-15 mg/ml
Volume1.4-1.7 oz (40-48g)
Total CBD600 mg
Cost per mg$0.05
Third-Party TestN/A

Infused with camphor and menthol, this cooling and warming ointment is an excellent pick for relieving achy and stiff joints. It’s also available as a cream.

Receptra Naturals Serious Relief Tincture

receptra naturals serious relief tincture


CBD Potency33-66 mg/ml
Volume15-60 ml 
Total CBD375-4000 mg
Cost per mg$0.07–0.09
Third-Party TestView report

Whereas topicals are better suited for localized issues, CBD oil is a great option for whole-body relief. This CBD tincture contains turmeric, a popular anti-inflammatory supplement frequently used for joint health. I recommend the 66 mg/ml version for greater relief.

For a Partner

Looking for something a little more romantic? Here are some intimate CBD products that can be enjoyed together or alone. 

Lazarus Naturals CBD Massage Oil

lazarus naturals body massage oil


CBD Potency8 mg/ml
Volume62.5-500 ml 
Total CBD500-4000 mg
Cost per mg$0.02
Third-Party TestView report

This massage oil has a simple and effective formula. It’s also certified organic by the USDA.

CBDfx Bath Bombs

cbdfx bath bomb


CBD Potency200 mg
Bomb Count1
Cost per mg$0.05
Third-Party TestView report

Few things are more relaxing than a hot bath. Especially when you pair it with a CBD-infused bath bomb. These bath bombs come in four scents: eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass & chamomile, and mango & shea butter. 

For Pets

CBD can help dogs and cats as much as it does us, relieving everything from anxiety to inflammation. Share these gifts with the dogs and cats in your life (and their owners).

Lazarus Naturals Pet Tincture

lazarus naturals pet cbd oil


CBD Potency20 mg/ml
Volume30-120 ml
Total CBD600-2400 mg
Cost per mg$0.03
Third-Party TestsView report

This straightforward full-spectrum CBD oil is ideal for both cats and dogs. It’s made with the same quality ingredients as human-grade CBD tinctures and comes in two flavors: regular (coconut MCT oil) and one with wild salmon and pollock oil.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Dog Treats

lazarus naturals cbd dog chews


CBD Potency10 mg
Treat Count30
Total CBD300 mg
Cost per mg$0.07
Third-Party TestView report

Treats can be easier because you don’t need to convince your dog to eat them. The treats from Lazarus Naturals pack 10 mg of CBD each and come in three formulas: calming, joint support, and digestive health. 

For a Sweet Tooth

I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of sweets. Luckily for us, CBD is available in the tasty form of chocolate, gummies, and even cookies.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Dark Chocolate

lazarus naturals cbd chocolate bar


CBD Potency20 mg/square
Square Count12
Total CBD240 mg
Cost per mg$0.06
Third-Party TestView report

This delicious chocolate is flavored with vanilla and sea salt and made in small batches by a Portland chocolatier. There’s no tastier way to give the gift of wellness. In my experience, it doesn’t taste any different from regular, high-quality dark chocolate.

Joy Organics CBD Gummies

joy organics cbd gummies


CBD Potency10-25 mg
Gummy Count30
Total CBD300-750 mg
Cost per mg$0.07-0.13
Third-Party TestView report

These delicious gummies are certified organic by the USDA, which means they contain over 95% organic ingredients. You can choose from green apple and strawberry lemonade flavors. 

Stocking Stuffers

Don’t have that much to spend? CBD doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some budget-friendly CBD Christmas stocking stuffers.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Relax Capsules

lazarus naturals relax cbd capsules


CBD Potency25 mg
Capsule Count10-200
Total CBD250-5000 mg
Cost per mg$0.02-0.04
Third-Party TestView report

These full-spectrum CBD capsules contain natural supplements that promote relaxation and calm: chamomile, ashwagandha, and L-theanine. The smallest pack (10 capsules) costs only $10.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Muscle Gel

lazarus naturals cbd muscle gel


CBD Potency20 mg/g
Volume30 ml
Total CBD600 mg
Cost per mg$0.02
Third-Party TestsView report

This full-spectrum CBD gel works great for muscle recovery and costs only $12. It contains additional pain-relieving ingredients like menthol and capsaicin.

For Coffee Lovers

CBD is one of the best things to pair up with coffee because it can reduce caffeine-induced jitters and anxiety. You can put CBD oil directly in your coffee, get a special water-soluble formula, or even buy CBD-infused coffee.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Tincture

lazarus naturals high potency CBD oil


CBD Potency50 mg/ml
Volume30-120 ml
Total CBD750-6000 mg
Cost per mg $0.02-0.03
Third-Party TestsView report

CBD oil is definitely the most efficient way to combine CBD with coffee. You can put a few drops directly in your cup or simply take it before or after your coffee. 

I recommend the full-spectrum CBD oil from Lazarus Naturals, which is one of the cheapest high-quality CBD tinctures on the market. You can also get in flavored versions like chocolate mint and strawberry lemonade. 

Green Roads CBD-Infused Coffee

green roads cbd coffee


CBD Potency8-67 mg/ml
Size12 oz (340 g)
Total CBD~1000-1400 mg
Cost per mg$0.01-0.02
Third-Party TestView report

Green Roads combines Colombian coffee with pure CBD in three unique flavors: founder’s blend, French vanilla, and hazelnut. This medium-roast coffee is made in small batches. 

For CBD Connoisseurs

Know somebody who already uses CBD? You may need something a little more impressive.

Upstate Elevator CBG + CBD Oil

upstate elevator CBG oil


CBD+CBG Potency50 mg/ml
Volume30-60 ml
Total CBD+CBG1500–3000 mg
Cost per mg$0.03
Third-Party TestView report

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Now that CBD has been around for a while, products containing other beneficial cannabinoids like cannabigerol (CBG) are growing popular. This full-spectrum tincture combines equal amounts of CBD and CBG for a different kind of balanced feeling. 

Endoca Raw CBD Oil

endoca cbd oil


CBD Potency30-300 mg/ml
Volume2-30 ml
Total CBD300-4500 mg
Cost per mg$0.07–0.10
Third-Party TestView report

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This unique oil is not only potent (for the strong versions) but also contains high levels of cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) — the parent molecule of CBD. CBDa has its own distinct effects and benefits. This tincture is as close to hemp in its natural form as possible.

For Beauty & Skincare

Want to share the gift of glowing, healthy skin? CBD is an increasingly popular ingredient in beauty, cosmetics, and skincare. 

Batch CBD Cream

batch cbd cream


CBD Potency25 mg/ml
Volume60 ml (2 fl oz)
Total CBD1500 mg
Cost per mg$0.04
Third-Party TestView report

Use coupon code CBDTHINKER for 20% off

This CBD-infused cream is lightweight, has a pleasant fragrance, and feels amazing on the skin. Aside from whole-plant hemp extract, it contains other staple ingredients like aloe vera and lavender oil. 

CBDFx CBD Face Masks

cbdfx charcoal face mask


CBD Potency50 mg
# of Masks1
Total CBD50 mg
Cost per mg$0.14
Third-Party TestView report

The cool thing about the face masks from CBDfx is that they don’t just contain CBD but many other active ingredients. You can choose from multiple varieties for different benefits.

How I Chose These CBD Products

I started off with a list of over 200 products from top-tier CBD brands. Next, I narrowed down the list to the best products by considering the following criteria:

  • Effects: I tried and compared many different products, favoring more effective ones. The original photos you see in this review mean I personally tried the product.
  • Third-party testing: Done by independent laboratories, third-party tests check the levels of CBD and other cannabinoids, and look for pesticides and other contaminants. I prefer third-party tested products and check the test reports myself to ensure accuracy and good minor cannabinoid levels.
  • Type of CBD: Full-spectrum CBD contains all of hemp’s beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds. I favor full-spectrum products because they’re the most effective, but broad-spectrum is a good alternative when you need to avoid THC.
  • Product potency: Potency is the amount of CBD (mg) per ml of CBD oil. High-potency products are generally better because they’re cheaper and more convenient, but low-potency options work well for beginners.
  • Hemp/cannabis source: CBD is usually sourced from hemp (or cannabis, in the case of most licensed producers), so its quality is important. I give preference to brands that grow and extract their own plants, have certifications like USDA-organic, and provide details about how their cannabis is cultivated.
  • Company reputation: Trustworthy CBD producers provide details about their production process and have positive customer reviews.
  • Price: I break down the prices of CBD products into cents per mg to make it easy to compare and find good deals. I also account for free shipping deals and other discounts.

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