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Antonio Derose

Antonio DeRose

Product Reviewer & Contributor

Relevant Experience

  • Registered Missouri hemp farmer
  • Licensed medical cannabis patient cultivator
  • Hemp & cannabis education specialist

Antonio has been involved in the cannabis industry as a writer, cultivator, and educator since 2016. He moved from Missouri to Colorado to work as a grow lead on an all-organic, outdoor cannabis farm. During the same year, he and his wife co-founded Green House Healthy, a health and wellness media company focused on hemp and cannabis.

He has presented cannabis and wellness education, hemp nutrition classes, cannabis-positive fitness classes, and a cannabis wellness retreat in Jamaica. He’s also a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, helping clients meet their goals with the help of cannabis. Antonio became a licensed medical cannabis cultivator in 2019 and founded Kind Living Farm, a regenerative hemp farm, with his wife in 2020.

Antonio and his wife are marathon runners who love to walk, run, and hike through different forests. When not being active, Antonio binge-watches TV shows, writes raps and poetry, and goofs around with his five rescue animals. At CBDthinker, he reviews products and contributes articles.