Sunmed CBD Review (July 2020)

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Review Summary (☆☆☆☆3.9/5)

Sunmed is a CBD company based in Tampa, Florida. It offers CBD oils, capsules, gummies, topicals, and pet products at reasonable prices.

These products are sold both online and through Sunmed’s “Your CBD Store” chain of franchise shops found across the United States. 

Sunmed’s products are derived from organic Colorado and Oregon-grown hemp. They’re also tested by a third-party lab, with detailed test results available on the company’s secondary website.

Bottom line: Although the company is a tier or two below the leading CBD brands, it’s still an okay option.


  • Wide variety of CBD products
  • Full-spectrum and THC-free options
  • Comprehensive third-party testing
  • Multiple potencies
  • Reasonable prices
  • Some award-winning products


  • Website lacking info about the company, its products, and general CBD education
  • Some products contain significantly more CBD than advertised

Product Lineup 4/5

Sunmed offers a wide variety of CBD products with both full-spectrum and THC-free options. However, it loses a point for not offering vape products.

Hemp Quality 4/5

The company’s products are sourced from organic hemp grown in Colorado and Oregon. This is a high-quality hemp source, although we would give an extra point for USDA organic certification.

Third-Party Testing 4/5

The company offers detailed third-party CBD lab reports for both potency and contaminants which prove that its products contain as much CBD as claimed. Still, it loses two points because a few reports show the presence of small amounts of spiromesifen, a common pesticide. 

Price 3.5/5

Sunmed’s products are priced close to the average for the CBD market.

Customer Service & Reputation 4/5

Sunmed is not a well known brand because its focused primarily on its chain of physical store locations. However, it seems to offer great service and responds quickly to inquiries. We also couldn’t find any serious customer complaints.

Total ☆☆☆ 3.9/5

About the Company: Sunmed

Sunmed is a CBD brand based out of Tampa Bay, Florida. It was founded by Marcus and Rachael Quinn, who turned to CBD oil as an alternative treatment for Rachel’s Crohn’s disease.

The couple has focuses primarily on selling CBD products in physical stores. They opened their first “Your CBD Store” in Bradenton, Florida in 2018.

Since, then, Your CBD Store has opened hundreds of franchise locations across the United States. Additionally, Sunmed products can also be bought online.

Sunmed’s product lineup includes CBD oils, gummies, capsules, pet products, topicals, and skincare products. All of these products are tested by a third-party lab with the results available online. They’re derived from organic hemp grown in Colorado and Oregon.

Sunmed’s products have also won some awards. Its CBD tincture and CBD topical received excellence awards at the 2019 USA CBD Expo in Miami.

Meanwhile, its peanut butter pet tincture also placed 2nd in the best pet product category of the Hemp Cup, a spinoff of the Cannabis Cup organized by prominent cannabis magazine High Times.

In November 2019, Sunmed received a warning letter from the FDA for claiming that some of their products can treat medical conditions and symptoms.

CBD Terminology

  • Hemp: a non-intoxicating variety of cannabis with low THC levels (0.3% or less).
  • Full-spectrum: A whole-plant extract containing CBD, THC, and all other beneficial hemp cannabinoids and terpenes. This is considered the most effective form of CBD.
  • Broad-spectrum: A whole-plant hemp extract similar to full-spectrum, but with THC removed.
  • CBD isolate: Pure CBD with all other hemp compounds removed.

Sunmed CBD Products Lineup 

Sunmed offers a wide range of CBD products, including oils, capsules, gummies, topicals, and pet products. These offerings come in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate formulations.

Although the company is missing some popular CBD product categories, such as vape juice and isolate powder, its lineup is quite impressive.

Here’s the full breakdown of Sunmed’s CBD products:

  • CBD Oil Tinctures: Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oil with a potency of 8–100 mg/ml. Also available in a special CBG-rich variant and water-soluble versions that use liposomal technology to break down CBD oil into tiny particles for improved absorption and mixing in water. Comes in 30 ml bottles and multiple flavors.
  • CBD Capsules: THC-free CBD capsules containing 10–25 mg of CBD each with 30 per bottle. Also available in a special formula designed to ease menstrual symptoms.
  • CBD Edibles: Gummies, sour worms, hard candy, and other sweet edibles with 10 mg CBD per piece. Available in 10, 30, 50, and 75-count containers with full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate formulas.
  • CBD Topicals: Creams, face serum, lotion, lip balm, and bath bombs infused with pure CBD. Formulated with popular natural skincare ingredients such as collagen, beeswax, elderberry, and aloe vera. 
  • CBD Pet Products: CBD tincture and edibles for dogs and cats.

Sunmed Product Details

CBD Oil Tinctures

Product NameCBD PotencyVolumeTotal CBDCost per mg CBDFlavors
Sunmed Full Spectrum TIncture 8–33 mg/ml30 ml250–1000 mg$0.11–0.16Natural, blueberry, cinnamon, strawberry
Sunmed Broad Spectrum Tincture8–100 mg/ml30 ml250–3000 mg$0.10–0.16Natural, mint, lemon, orange
Sunmed Broad Spectrum CBG Tincture22 mg/ml (CBG+CBD)30 ml500 mg CBG/160 mg CBD$0.17Citrus
Sunmed Full Spectrum Water-Soluble Tincture 10–30 mg/ml30 ml300–900 mg$0.13–0.20natural, grape, pina colada, strawberry limeade
Sunmed Broad Spectrum Water-Soluble Tincture 10–30 mg/ml30 ml300–900 mg$0.13–0.20natural, grape, pina colada, strawberry limeade
Sunmed Broad Spectrum Water-Soluble CBG Tincture30 mg/ml (CBG+CBD)30 ml900 mg CBG+CBD$0.13Citrus


Product NameCBD per CapsuleSoftgel CountTotal CBDCost per mg CBDAdditional Ingredients
Sunmed Broad Spectrum Capsules 10 mg10–25 mg30300–450 mg$0.13–0.20
Maxine and Morgan Capsules 15–30 mg30450–900 mg$0.08–0.12Turmeric, ginger


Product NameCBD per GummyGummy CountTotal CBDCost per mg CBDFlavors
Sunmed Broad Spectrum Gummies10–25 mg10–100100–2500 mg$0.06–0.20Peach rings, sour worms, watermelon rings, sour bears, hard candy
Sunmed Full Spectrum Vegan Gummy Bears10–25 mg30300–750 mg$0.13–0.20Assorted flavors
Sunmed Broad Spectrum Vegan Gummy Bears5–10 mg30–60150–300 mg$0.15–0.20Assorted flavors

Topicals & Skincare Products

Product NameCBD PotencyVolumeTotal CBDCost per mg CBD
Sunmed Topical Cream8.8–35.1 mg/ml2 fl oz (57 g)500–2000 mg$0.08–0.16
Sunmed Collagen Face Cream4.67 mg/ml1 oz (30 ml)150 mg$0.27
Sunmed Daytime Topical Lotion1 mg/ml1 oz (30 ml)30 mg$1
Sunmed Nighttime Topical Face Serum2 mg/ml15 ml30 mg$1
Sunmed Lip BalmN/AN/A15 mg$0.67
Sunmed Bath Bomb100 mg/bomb1 bath bomb100 mg$0.15

Pet Products

Product NameCBD Potency/CBD per CapsuleVolume/Treat CountTotal CBDCost per mg CBDFlavors
Sunmed Broad Spectrum Pet Tincture8 mg/ml30 ml250 mg$0.16Natural, bacon, peanut butter
Sunmed Pet Bacon Treats5 mg30150 mg$0.20Bacon
Sunmed Pet Cat Snacks5 mg30150 mg$0.20Bacon
Sunmed Pet Edible Sticks15 mg10150 mg$0.20Jerky, Bacon & Cheese


On average, Sunmed’s CBD products have the following costs per mg of CBD:

  • $0.15 for CBD oils
  • $0.14 for capsules
  • $0.13 for gummies
  • $0.54 for topicals
  • $0.18 for pet products

These prices are close to the market average for their respective categories, so they’re quite reasonable for what you’re getting. This is even more true when considering some of the products provide additional ingredients.

Hemp Source and Extraction Process

Sunmed’s products are derived from organic hemp cultivated in Colorado and Oregon, the country’s leading hemp farming states.

As for the extraction process, Sunmed uses carbon dioxide (CO2), the gold standard method of producing whole-plant hemp extracts. 

Third-Party Testing 

Sunmed’s CBD products are independently tested by Green Scientific Labs, a third-party cannabis lab based in Florida. These comprehensive tests examine the potency and safety of the company’s products and their results are available on Sunmed’s secondary website.

We examined these CoA documents ourselves to see if Sunmed’s products contain what the company claims they do. 

According to experts, high-quality cannabis products should contain cannabinoid levels that are within 10% of the advertised amount. This means that Sunmed’s products should have a CBD concentration within 90-110% of what the company claims on the label.

The results of these tests were quite promising. Most of the products fell within the 10% range. Only a few products contained significantly more CBD than stated on the label, such as the 1000 mg CBD cream which actually showed 1220 mg of CBD on third-party tests.

Additionally, the tests were all quite recent, which is another good sign. However, it would be nice if Sunmed labeled its third-party tests to make it easier to tell which products they analyzed.

Shipping and Customer Service

Sunmed ships throughout the United States and offers free shipping on orders over $99.

The company has a standard 30-day return policy, where you can receive a refund or exchange when returning an opened product within 30 days of purchase. The only exception to this are on-sale items, which can’t be refunded.

In terms of customer service, Sunmed has both a customer email and a phone number listed.  We contacted the company to learn more about their hemp source. The answer we received was both quick and useful.

Our Verdict: A Decent CBD Brand

Sunmed provides a wide range of third-party tested CBD products at reasonable prices. With so many different potencies and product types, you won’t have trouble finding something that suits your needs.

The company’s posted lab tests confirm that their products contain as much (or slightly more) CBD as the company claims, so it’s great to see this level of transparency and accuracy.

Sunmed certainly has things to improve upon. Most notably, its website lacks detailed information about the company, its products, and CBD in general.

However, this is likely because Sunmed has prioritized its U.S.-wide chain of “Your CBD Store” locations over its online shop. All in all, Sunmed is a decent CBD company, so they get our recommendation.

Company Information

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 727-235-0720

Website | Instagram 

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