Leading Labs Launch New Certification to Promote Higher Standards for Cannabis & Hemp Testing

By | Updated on April 12, 2023

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SC Labs and ACT Laboratories, the largest cannabis & hemp testing labs in the US, have launched a new certification program called Trust in Testing. 

The program sets enhanced national standards for cannabis & hemp testing and aims to unify testing protocols across multiple states. It includes more frequent and regular proficiency testing, the use of state-of-the-art quality management systems, and internal employee ethics and training programs.

In simple terms, this program helps brands and consumers identify reputable testing labs they can trust to provide accurate third-party test results for cannabis, hemp, and CBD products. 

As someone who has frequently talked about the issue of low-quality and potentially dishonest testing in the CBD & hemp industry, I’m excited to see this news.

Jeff Journey, CEO of SC Labs, explained that the initiative would enable brands to build consumer loyalty, maintain investor and customer confidence, and provide safer products to the growing cannabis market. 

“Through the Trust In Testing Certification, brands now have a way of identifying labs that are meeting the highest threshold standards across states. It also allows brands to unify their own protocols in choosing a testing partner,” said Journey.

Michael Drozd, CEO of ACT Laboratories, highlighted the risks of inaccurate testing data: “Poor quality testing data can adversely impact brand reputation, resulting in loss of business, hefty fines, legal action or, in some cases, licenses being revoked. And worst of all, it erodes customer confidence, has a negative financial impact, and presents a potential consumer safety risk.”

The Trust in Testing program is designed to address these concerns by enabling cannabis brands to respond to inquiries from investors and other stakeholders by providing evidence of the enhanced standards used by their testing labs. 

Brands that use a Trust in Testing certified lab can put the Trust in Testing seal on their packaging, demonstrating their commitment to quality and providing accurate and reliable data.

 Similar to the “Certified Organic” seal commonly seen in the produce aisle, the Trust in Testing seal provides a simple way for cannabis consumers to feel confident that the products they are purchasing and consuming have successfully passed all potency and contaminant testing requirements.

A Solution to the Lab Shopping Problem?

This program is great news not just for cannabis but also for the CBD and hemp industries, which have been plagued by the issue of lab shopping

To briefly explain, lab shopping refers to CBD, hemp, and cannabis brands trying out different third-party testing labs and choosing to work with those that give their products the most favorable (but not necessarily accurate) results. 

This practice punishes high-quality cannabis testing labs and rewards unscrupulous ones that are willing to provide inaccurate or even knowingly dishonest test results to brands to keep their business. As a result, many CBD, hemp, and cannabis products on the market are inaccurate, fraudulent, and potentially unsafe.

I’m hoping to see hemp testing labs sign up for this certification in the coming years, similar to how many CBD brands have chosen to get the US Hemp Authority certification