Is Gas Station CBD Good?

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You may have noticed gas stations in your area selling CBD oil, gummies, drinks, and other CBD products. Which raises the question — are the CBD products sold at gas stations any good?

Short answer: no. Gas station CBD products are of low quality, frequently containing less CBD than advertised on the label, and have a higher chance of carrying contaminants.

Read on for a detailed explanation of why you should avoid gas station CBD.

Gas Station CBD Quality is Low

The key problem with gas station CBD products is that you don’t know where it’s sourced from and what it contains. There’s a high likelihood that it carries far less CBD than it should

There’s also a higher risk of gas station CBD products having unsafe THC levels, or containing pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. The bottom line is that you don’t have any way of knowing what’s in the product. 

In comparison, reputable CBD companies sell their products online or at major retail stores. There are several reasons for this. Most importantly, when you buy products on a company’s website, you can check the third-party test results.

Performed by an independent laboratory, third-party tests check the levels of CBD and other cannabinoids in the product, helping you verify that you’re buying a safe and effective product with as much CBD as advertised on the label.

Since the CBD industry is unregulated, these tests are the only surefire way to protect yourself from low-quality products. That’s why you should only buy from brands that post their third-party lab test reports.

Besides, when you buy CBD online, you can also check other crucial information like the hemp source — where and how the hemp plants used to make the CBD product were cultivated. 

You can also read customer reviews of the company and contact the brand directly if you have any issues with their products.

Gas Station CBD Typically Contains CBD Isolate

Another issue with gas station CBD products is that they’re usually made with CBD isolate, which is pure CBD. This type of CBD extract is easier to formulate but has weaker effects than full-spectrum (whole-plant) CBD.

Full-spectrum hemp extracts carry all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds found in hemp.

As such, they benefit from the cannabis “entourage effect” — the fact that all of these compounds work in synergy to produce greater effects than CBD or any other cannabinoid on its own (1).

Research suggests that whole-plant CBD extracts have greater benefits — requiring smaller doses and having fewer side effects — than products made with pure CBD isolate (2).

Gas Station CBD Reviewed and Tested

The poor quality of gas station CBD products was highlighted by a recent experiment done by the CBD Awareness Project. 

The team bought 15 different CBD products and had them tested by a third-party lab to find out how much CBD they contained. Five of these products came from gas stations.

They found that on average, CBD products purchased at a gas station contained only 40% of what they claimed. Worse yet, all three of the gas station CBD drinks they tested didn’t contain any CBD at all!

That means even if a gas station CBD product is cheap, you could very likely be paying for a product that contains very little or zero CBD.

In comparison, CBD products that Awareness Project’s team purchased at CBD stores contained 83% of what was claimed, whereas those bought at grocery stores actually contained more CBD than advertised, with an average of 136%. 

Gas Station CBD Brands to Avoid
An example of questionable CBD gummies purchased at a gas station (u/ErrorAcquired on Reddit)

If you search online, you can find many negative reviews of CBD oils, gummies, vape e-liquids, cartridges, drinks, and other products bought at gas stations. 

These reviews will often highlight how the products did not produce any effects, which suggests that they have little to no CBD.

In particular, there are several gas station CBD brands that you should always avoid.

One such company is the popular Florida-based Hemp Bombs, which carries its products both online and at gas stations. There are multiple negative reviews of people who purchased Hemp Bombs’ products at gas stations and didn’t feel any effects.

 This brand was also found to sell CBD capsules and other products containing phenibut, a compound that can disturb people’s sleep and produce withdrawal symptoms when stopped. 

On top of all that, Hemp Bombs was one of the companies hit with a class-action lawsuit in 2019 for selling products that do not contain as much CBD as advertised. 

The accusations noted that Hemp Bombs “makes numerous false and misleading claims” about the CBD potency of its products, which were proven by independent third-party testing. 

Another notorious CBD brand sold at gas stations is Diamond CBD. This company made the news in 2018 for selling vape oil containing fentanyl, an illegal opioid drug. 

Like Hemp Bombs, it was also hit with a class-action lawsuit in 2019 for selling products containing less CBD than claimed. It also seems to have consistent problems with products that contain far less CBD than advertised.

Aside from these two companies, there are dozens of smaller, lesser-known CBD brands you’ll find at your local gas station.

As a general rule of thumb, if you’ve never heard of the brand and the product looks fishy (plain packaging, little information about cannabinoid content), it’s likely to be of low quality.

Best Gas Station CBD Brands

We hope you’ve got a pretty good idea of why you should avoid buying CBD products at a gas station.

Having said that, there is one case where it can be ok:

You might get lucky and find products from some high-quality CBD companies.

Here are the best CBD brands that are sold at some gas stations:

  • CBDistillery: established in Colorado in 2016, this is one of the leading CBD brands in the country with excellent product quality and a transparent manufacturing process.
  • NuLeaf Naturals: Another highly respected brand out of Colorado.

Your chances of finding these brands are highest at gas stations in Colorado, the unofficial capital of the U.S. hemp/CBD industry.

Say No to Gas Station CBD

Generally speaking, you should never buy CBD products — whether it’s oil, gummies, vape juice, cartridges, or something else — from a gas station. Although they can be real, their quality is typically low

There’s a high chance you’ll get a product with less CBD than stated on the label, or in the worst case, it won’t have any CBD at all or contain contaminants and other potentially harmful compounds.

While this may change in the future when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) releases proper regulations for CBD products, making it more difficult for subpar brands to exist, for the time being, you should avoid gas station CBD.

The safest way to buy CBD products is online, from trusted, transparent companies with positive reviews and publicly available third-party lab reports. 

Considering that CBD is not the cheapest product out there and has serious potential to benefit your health, it’s of the utmost importance that you take the time to find a reputable brand.

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