Cachet CBD Oil Review (Aug 2020)

By | last updated August 4, 2021

Evidence Based

Cachet CBD appears to be a scam CBD company that provides very little info about its products and manufacturing process.

It has multiple negative online reviews from real people who said they were billed much higher prices than advertised and received products that didn’t work for their pain, anxiety, and other health issues.

Bottom line: Stay far away from Cachet CBD oil. This is one of the shadiest CBD oil brands we’ve come across.


  • None, stay far away!


  • No third-party testing
  • No information about CBD products
  • Customers charged higher prices than advertised
  • Misleading monthly subscription service
  • Products don’t seem to work for most customers

Overall Rating: 0/5

Product Lineup 1/5

Cachet CBD appears to offer CBD oil, capsules, and creams, although we could only find links for their tinctures.

Hemp Quality 0/5

There’s zero information about where Cachet CBD gets its hemp, so we don’t know if its quality is good or not.

Third-Party Testing 0/5

The company doesn’t provide any third-party lab tests.

Price 0/5

Cachet CBD is a scam company that charges customers more than advertised.

Formula 0/5

Cachet CBD doesn’t provide any third-party tests to verify the type of CBD used in its products.

Customer Service & Reputation 0/5

Cachet CBD has all the signs of a scam company. It has multiple negative reviews from customers who were charged more than they were expecting to pay or received products that didn’t work.

About the Company: Cachet CBD

We know very little about Cachet CBD because the company doesn’t even have a proper website. If you search for it online, all you’ll find is a bunch of websites that show a single advertisement page and link to a purchase page for CBD oil.

This purchase page doesn’t even list the name “Cachet CBD” and looks incredibly scammy and shady, claiming to use “100% natural ingredients” and be made in the USA, but with no actual proof of any claims.

This company appears to prey on people who don’t know much about CBD. One of the ways it does this is by placing ads that attract people with incredibly low prices on CBD oil products but charging much more.

Meanwhile, if you go to Cachet’s main website, it redirects you to another scammy-looking offer to buy a completely different brand of CBD oil.

Cachet CBD’s old buying page doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. There are illegal health claims, lack of product info, and limited time offers.

Cachet CBD Products Lineup 

Cachet CBD appears to only sell CBD oil but we couldn’t find any details about its products.


We couldn’t find any official prices for Cachet CBD oil. However, there are many negative reviews of the company where customers were attracted by a low price but charged a much higher amount on their credit card. 

One customer said they ordered a bottle of Cachet CBD oil for $49 but were actually charged $199. Another customer said they got a “special one-day” offer for $39 for two bottles of Cachet CBD oil but was actually charged $199.

Hemp Source and Extraction Process

We don’t know anything about the hemp source and extraction process used by Cachet CBD. This company doesn’t provide any information about its products.

Third-Party Testing 

There are no third-party lab test results available for Cachet CBD oil. This is a huge red flag.

Shipping and Customer Service

We couldn’t find an email or a phone number for Cachet CBD. Also, many customers complain that they weren’t able to reach the company by email or phone. 

Our Verdict: Stay Very Far Away From Cachet CBD Oil

Cachet CBD is a prime example of a scam CBD company. They prey on people new to CBD by advertising ridiculously low prices for ineffective CBD oil. The company doesn’t provide any information about itself or its products, which is a huge red flag in the CBD industry.

Worse yet, Cachet CBD charges people 3-4 times more than the price they advertise online. They also mislead people by trying to sign you up for a monthly membership & subscription service so that you continue getting charged every month for bottles of CBD oil.

One customer review even said that Cachet CBD claimed to be featured on Shark Tank, which is a lie because no CBD brands have appeared on the popular show. 

There are also many negative reviews on Cachet CBD’s BBB business page, noting that the company charges you far more than the low offer they give you.

Avoid Cachet CBD at all costs. Its products likely contain little to no CBD and the company scams its customers.

Overall Rating: 0/5

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