5 Best CBDa Oil Products: Reviews & Guide (2024)

By | Updated on March 7, 2024

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Cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) is the natural form of CBD made by hemp plants. If you’re looking for the most natural, unprocessed CBD possible, raw CBDa products are your best bet.

Unfortunately, finding safe and effective CBDa oil isn’t easy. Many products contain little CBDa or simply aren’t strong enough.

I compared over 15 CBDa products from different brands based on their third-party lab test results, hemp quality, potency, customer reviews, price, and other criteria.

Here’s my review of the best CBDa products, plus a guide to everything you need to know about CBD’s “parent molecule.”

5 Best CBDa Oils, Capsules, and Topicals

The “best” product is different for everyone, which is why I added several categories to help you find the right fit. Here are my top picks for CBDa:

CBD Glossary

  • Hemp: cannabis variety with high CBD and low THC levels (no more than 0.3%).
  • Terpenes: aromatic plant compounds with various beneficial properties (1).
  • Minor cannabinoids: CBN, CBG, CBC, and other beneficial cannabinoids found in smaller amounts in hemp. They may work in synergy with CBD.
  • Full-spectrum: whole-plant hemp extract containing multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. This form of CBD is about four times more potent than pure CBD (2).
  • Broad-spectrum: whole-plant hemp extract similar to full-spectrum CBD, but with THC removed (may contain trace amounts).
  • CBD isolate: pure CBD without any other hemp compounds.

CBDistillery Raw Synergy CBD Oil (Best Overall)

cbdistillery raw synergy tincture


CBD+CBDa Potency33 mg/ml
Volume30 ml
Total CBD+CBDa1000 mg
Cost per mg$0.06
Third-Party TestsView report

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  • 1:1 ratio of CBDa to CBD
  • U.S. Hemp Authority Certification


  • Only one potency

CBDistillery’s raw synergy CBDa+CBD oil is our top pick. This full-spectrum tincture contains a 1:1 ratio of CBDa to CBD (500 mg each), plus small amounts of minor hemp cannabinoids, including CBC, THC, CBDV, CBG, and CBGa.

It costs $0.06 per mg of CBD, which is cheaper than average for a CBDa tincture. You can also get a lower price and free shipping by subscribing.

CBDistillery is one of the most popular and transparent CBD brands out there. It’s certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority and uses organic Colorado hemp to make its products, with detailed third-party test reports available online.

My experience: I took 3 full droppers (in 3 separate doses, holding each under the tongue). The taste is quite strong and hempy. I started to feel calm and relaxed after about 40 minutes.

Hometown Hero CBDa+CBGa Tincture (Best CBDa+CBGa)


CBDa/CBGa Potency80 mg/ml
Volume30 ml
Total CBDa+CBGa2400 mg
Cost per mg$0.04
Third-Party TestsView report

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  • Highest CBGa+CBDa levels of any tincture
  • One of the only CBGa products available
  • Low price


  • Only one potency

This unique full-spectrum oil from Hometown Hero provides a 1:1:1:1 ratio of CBGa, CBDa, CBG, and CBD. You get 600 mg of each cannabinoid.

This is one of the only proper CBGa & CBDa oils on the market. If you’re looking to make the most of these two raw, natural cannabinoids and their synergy with CBD and other “activated” cannabinoids, this tincture is a great option.

Hometown Hero CBD is a reputable, Texas-based brand that primarily sells delta-8 and other intoxicating hemp products.

My experience: I took a full dropper during the day. The tincture has a natural hempy/earthy taste. I started feeling relaxed and upbeat about 30 minutes after taking it and the effects lasted for several hours.

hometown hero cbda plus cbga oil tested

Endoca Raw CBD Oil (Best Potency)

endoca cbd oil


CBD+CBDa Potency30-300 mg/ml
Volume2-30 ml
Total CBD+CBDa300-4500 mg
Cost per mg$0.09-0.10
Third-Party TestsView report

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  • Multiple strengths and sizes
  • High-quality Danish hemp source


  • Strong hemp flavor

If you’re looking for a strong CBDa oil, I recommend the raw oil from Endoca. This full-spectrum, unprocessed tincture contains about 15–20% CBDa, with a total of 300-4500 mg of CBD+CBDa per 30 ml bottle.

You can choose from multiple bottle volumes and three strengths: medium (30 mg/ml), strong (150 mg/ml), and very strong (300 mg/ml). This CBD oil costs 9-10 cents per mg of CBD depending on the strength and volume, which is an average price point.

Founded in 2010, Endoca is one of the oldest and most respected CBD brands in the world. Its products are sourced from organic Danish hemp grown in partnership with local farmers. They’re tested both in-house and through a third-party laboratory.

Upstate Elevator Raw CBD+CBDa Capsules (Best Capsules)

upstate elevator raw cbd capsules


CBD+CBDa Potency100 mg
Capsule Count2-30
Total CBD+CBDa200-3000 mg
Cost per mg$0.03-05
Third-Party TestView report

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  • Exceptionally low price
  • High potency
  • USDA organic certification


  • Only one high strength

If you’re looking for CBDa capsules, I recommend Vermont’s Upstate Elevator Supply Co. Its raw capsules have a high potency with about 20-25% CBDa.

More importantly, they’re certified organic by the USDA and sourced from organic hemp cultivars bred specifically for Vermont. The price is also low; only $0.03-0.05 per mg of cannabinoids.

If you’re looking for CBD capsules that are as close to natural as possible, this is the product for you. They’re also a good option for people who prefer high CBD dosages.

My experience: I took two capsules during the day; they look like dark CBD oil inside a see-through shell. I started feeling relaxed and upbeat about 70 minutes later.

Hemplucid Full-Spectrum CBDA Body Cream (Best Topical)

hemplucid cbda cream


CBD+CBDa Potency17 mg/ml
Volume59 ml
Total CBD+CBDa1000 mg
Cost per mg$0.06
Third-Party TestsView report


  • Very high CBDa levels
  • USDA-certified organic hemp


  • Only 1 strength

Hemplucid’s full-spectrum CBDa body cream is one of the only CBD topicals with a serious amount of CBDa. In fact, it contains slightly over 50% CBDa, which is the highest concentration I’ve seen.

Each 2oz (59 ml) jar has 1000 mg of CBD+CBDa with standard skincare ingredients like chamomile extract, vitamin E, and aloe vera. It costs $0.06 per mg of CBD/CBDa, which is quite affordable for such a difficult-to-find product.

Hemplucid’s products are fully tested for potency and purity. They’re made from USDA-certified organic hemp cultivated in Colorado.

What is CBDa?

Cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. It’s best known as the precursor of cannabidiol (CBD). That’s a fancy scientific way of saying it’s the “parent molecule” of CBD.

Cannabis plants don’t directly produce CBD and other cannabinoids. Instead, they create cannabinoid acids such as CBDa and THCa.

It’s only when these acids are exposed to heat and sunlight that they undergo what’s called decarboxylation and convert into CBD and other cannabinoids we’re familiar with (3).

Just like CBD, CBDa is a non-intoxicating compound with many potential health benefits.

CBDa is usually sold in “raw” CBD products, so-called because they don’t go through additional processing to convert CBDa into CBD.

Why Choose Raw CBDa Products Over Regular CBD?

Raw, CBDa-rich products are ideal for people who want to use hemp in the most natural, unadulterated form possible.

They don’t undergo heating or any other processing and maintain the full spectrum of hemp’s beneficial compounds as they exist in nature. Besides, you’re still getting all the benefits of CBD, just with the added benefits of CBDa.

CBDa Health Benefits

Research studies suggest that CBDa has a wide range of potential health benefits. Here are some of the key findings:

  • A 2008 study found that CBDa has anti-inflammatory properties similar to other cannabinoids in a way that works similarly to NSAIDs without their side effects (4)
  • A 2013 study in animals reported that CBDa reduces nausea and vomiting in rats (5)
  • A 2018 study found that CBDa improved depression in rats, leading the researchers to conclude that it may be a “candidate for a future antidepressant medication” (6)
  • Many of CBDa’s effects are due to its strong interaction with the brain’s serotonin receptors, suggesting it could be even more effective than CBD for certain conditions, such as seizures and depression (7)
  • A 2020 review also noted that CBDa has anticancer and anticonvulsant properties (8)

Although CBDa remains an understudied cannabinoid, these findings highlight that it’s a beneficial cannabinoid that may even be more useful than CBD in certain cases.

Can CBDa Protect Against Covid-19?

A study published in January 2022 found that CBDa and cannabigerolic acid (CBGa), another acidic cannabinoid, may block the COVID-19-causing coronavirus from infecting human cells (9).

The researchers tested a number of compounds extracted from hemp to see which were the best at binding to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. This protein starts a coronavirus infection, which means that small molecules that bind to it may prevent it from entering human cells.

Coronavirus with spike proteins showing on the outside. Source: CDC

The researchers found that CBDa and CBGa had the strongest affinity (desire to bind) to the spike protein. In a follow-up test, the cannabinoids prevented the SARS-CoV-2 virus from infecting human cells, with equal efficacy against coronavirus alpha and beta variants.

The conclusion from the study states that “Orally bioavailable and with a long history of safe human use, these cannabinoids, isolated or in hemp extracts, have the potential to prevent as well as treat infection by SARS-CoV-2.”

Although these findings are encouraging it’s important to remember that the study was done in a petri dish, so it won’t necessarily translate to the human body. So don’t expect a CBGa+CBDa product to prevent COVID-19 infection, mitigate its severity, or treat long-term complications.

As summarized by a pair of researchers responding to the study, there are simply too many limitations, including high doses and costs, safety concerns, the short half-life of CBDa, and the difficulty of translating petri dish findings to human studies (10).

Important Considerations for Buying CBDa Products

Shopping for CBDa can get confusing. Here are some considerations to keep in mind to help you choose the best CBDa product.

Where to Buy Raw CBDa Products

It’s always best to buy CBDa products online rather than in physical stores. This allows you to look at third-party lab test reports to verify that the product contains the right levels of CBDa, which is impossible to confirm when you’re buying in person.

Look for Third-Party Tested Brands

All of the brands recommended here order third-party tests. That means an independent laboratory tested their products to verify their potency (levels of CBDa and other cannabinoids) and purity (lack of pesticides, residual solvents, and other potential contaminants).

Third-party testing is the most important factor when buying any type of cannabinoid-rich hemp product. Since there’s very little regulation of the CBD industry, these tests are the only thing that protects you from low-quality products that contain little or no CBD at all.

In the case of CBDa, third-party tests are even more important because some products contain very small amounts of this cannabinoid.

Check the Hemp Source

How and where the hemp was grown also has a big effect on the quality of the final product. That’s why you should choose companies that source organically and sustainably grown hemp. In the United States, the best sources of hemp are Colorado, Oregon, and Kentucky.

European countries are also a good source because their hemp farming industry is mature and has been continuously operating for hundreds of years.

Top-tier companies will always clearly state where and how their hemp is sourced.

Check the Extraction Process

The extraction process refers to the method used to isolate CBD and other beneficial compounds from hemp plant material. Currently, the two cleanest, most effective methods are CO2 and ethanol extraction.

Similar to the hemp source, information about the extraction process should be clearly stated on the company’s website.

How Much Should CBDa Products Cost?

Most raw CBDa products have the same or a slightly higher price than regular full-spectrum CBD products.

The only major difference between the two is that the hemp extract used for regular products is heated to decarboxylate and convert all of the CBDa into CBD, so the price shouldn’t differ much.

The bottom line: Don’t get tricked into buying expensive CBDa oil. It should cost about the same as regular full-spectrum CBD.


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  1. I have been suffering from Anxiety, fear, worry, lack of sleep for many months.

    I am just wondering whether CBD and CBN would help me to overcome, fear, worry, anxiety, and lack of sleep.

    • CBD can definitely help with anxiety, worry, and related issues! There’s a good amount of research evidence backing it. It also helps many people with sleep, although the results are more variable and have less research evidence than with anxiety. I’d start with a full-spectrum CBD oil like Lazarus Naturals. If it doesn’t help with sleep, you can try their CBN+CBD sleep tincture too.

    • For anything pain-related you definitely want a good amount of THC. If you’re in a state with legal medical or recreational cannabis I recommend products from the licensed market with roughly 50/50 THC/CBD. CBDa has pain-relieving properties as well but I don’t think there are many products that combine CBDa with THC.


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