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Gleb Oleinik

Founder & Chief Editor, Product Reviewer

Relevant Experience

  • Expert in CBD, cannabis, and dietary supplements
  • Specializing in CBD since 2017
  • Tested hundreds of CBD products
  • Freelance writer & editor for 10+ years

I first came across CBD oil in 2017 and was immediately impressed by its calming effects. My fascination grew as I learned more about CBD’s many potential benefits and minimal side effects. CBD helped me overcome anxiety, and I realized that it could help many others safely and naturally. That inspired me to create CBDthinker in 2020 and share everything I’ve learned about this remarkable compound.

I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts (double major) in History and Geography in 2015. I began my journey as a freelance writer in 2010, eventually specializing in CBD & cannabis content. Over the years, I’ve contributed to many CBD websites, including Cannigma, Leafreport, and DailyCBD. I’ve read thousands of studies about CBD, cannabinoids, and other dietary supplements, tried hundreds of CBD products, and know the industry inside and out. I’ve also written independent CBD testing reports and had my work cited in research papers.

I regularly use CBD to help with sleep, stress, exercise recovery, and overall wellness. Although I’m based in Vancouver, Canada, I’ve been traveling around the world since 2019. I enjoy exploring new places, spending time in nature, working out, and answering people’s CBD questions on Reddit. At CBDThinker, I’m the one trying out most of the CBD products and writing or editing most of the articles.